About The Federation

Designed and built with the help of Gene Roddenberry, The Federation is his real-world, modern day version of the Federation as seen in Star Trek.

Work on The Federation began in 1983 during a telephone conversation between Federation founder Russ Haslage and The Great Bird of the Galaxy in the summer of that year.  Once the groundwork was laid, The Federation was officially launched on June 1, 1984, which also was opening day of "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock."  Gene stayed active in The Federation until his death in 1991.  We will forever miss his wisdom, leadership and guidence.

During the 10 months of development and pre-launch production, Mr. Roddenberry instilled his ideals, Trek philosophy and real world experience into what he originally called "the ultimate 'Star Trek' fan club."  Among those ideals is our prime directive.  As Gene stated it in the initial planning meeting, the members of The Federation should, "...do what the crew of the Enterprise does in every episode:  go places and help people."

True to that mission, Federation chapters around the world, manned with the best fans in the universe, focus on the needs of the areas they patrol.  In times of disaster around the world, the work of those chapters is coordinated by the Federation Disaster Relief Units to provide materials, personnel and funds to the area in need.

For over 30 years, The Federation has led the way of fandom.  The Federation was first to delve into active real-world public service.  The first to have a chapter behind the 'iron curtain'.  The first to commercially sponsor episodes of 'Star Trek' on television. The Federation is the first and only organization designed and produced by Gene Roddenberry and we will always be true to his mission.